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December 2018 - check out our sophomore album, Hearing Loss

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Our Story: evolve or die


 Aspiring to free ourselves from the constraints of categories and labels, Genre Zero seamlessly blend blaring punk rock, contemplative folk, and whimsically irreverent pop into an arresting performance marked by uncommon passion.

Originally conceived in 2011 for a one-off show to celebrate the release of frontman Joshua Isbell from an extended hospital stay, the fledgling four piece were met with unexpected acclaim and an irresistible demand to continue as a group.

The adamantine fusion of drummer Rob Vorwald’s aggressively syncopated beats and Bradley Hart’s lyrical basslines provided a steadfast foundation upon which Isbell could construct a deceptively simple weave of guitar, and vocal harmony. The bewildering combination, confounding and abrasive to some, ultimately proved infectious, seeing Genre Zero increasingly sought after across music scenes as an opening band guaranteed to rouse the audience and start the party.

Releasing their debut album, “Get Dressed, Do Nothing” in early 2014, Genre Zero has since been playing house parties, entertaining at community events, rocking local bars and re-working their sound around dynamic new frontwoman Kira. 

Through seizures, brain tumors, babies and other natural disasters, Genre Zero continues to create and evolve, as evidenced by our just-released 2018 album, Hearing Loss.  


Friday, October 25

Show at Gold Blood Collective

7:00 pm

Event Details

Friday, October 25

Show at Gold Blood Collective

Check out this killer all ages show at The Gold Blood Collective with performances by these killer Salt Lake acts including...

The Fervors
Nevermind (Tyler Reese of Scenic Byway)
My Boyfriend's Terrible Band
Genre Zero (Geezer; a special Halloween Weezer set)

7pm doors
all ages

7:00 pm

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